2004 LeMans Commemorative Z06 CorvetteRecently Wayne was contacted by the owner of this 2004 LeMans Commemorative Z06 Corvette that they made 2025 of to photograph the Corvette and create one of his custom designed collage car posters.  The owner’s son purchased this package from a charity auction as he donates these to St Louis Area schools and organizations for fundraisers.

This 2004 Z06 Corvette is one of five modified by Bob Richman.  It has one of his highly modified Hendricks Motorsports 500+ cubic inch engines, racing coils for the ignition, an electric fuel pump, an engine oil cooler, an electronic differential cooling fan, custom headers, and ceramic brakes with drilled oversized disks.  The dyno sheet that came with it says it puts down 668 hp at the rear wheels.   The key design criteria was that it had to look 100% stock from the exterior, interior (it has the standard Z06 6500 rpm tach although the actual redline on this engine is 7500 rpm), and also under the hood it has the Z06 LS6 red fuel runner and valve covers.  The only external visual giveaway is the oversized drilled brake disks, huge radiator, and the larger than normal intake runners on the engine.