If you need a shopping cart feature, we will work with you to figure out the best solution for your products and needs! Check out some examples:


FilmSource, Inc. has over five hundred products for sale on their website, many with up to 15 color and size variations. Individual product pages can have multiple photos and videos to showcase the item to the users before purchasing which can include close-up shots of the smaller details, charts listing how many sheets of paper a coil might hold, or a video of the machine in action. Additionally we integrated a loyalty rewards system to reward their frequent customer. This site was built on top of WooCommerce, which allows us to better extend the functionality of the site while making the site SEO optimized as well.

StL Rent a Box

Before WooCommerce came along, we used Ecwid, so you will find that on some of our older sites. This is a separate shopping cart service that gets embedded into your website – you would log into Ecwid to manage it rather than logging directly into your WordPress site.  It’s very easy to manage and great for a small number of products. It also looks very nice and we can customize it to match the rest of the website for a pretty seamless visitor experience. Check out Ecwid on STL Rent A Box!

Simple Golf Products / The 3-Foot Circle™

Simple Golf Products and The 3-Foot Circle™ use the same Ecwid shopping cart embed code. The 3-Foot Circle website shows only the category relevant to the site, whereas Simple Golf Products sells several different items.

Field House Museum

A more cost-efficient option is a separate Square store – the shop is actually hosted on Square’s server rather than in your site. It’s easy to get a Square store started or integrate an existing Square store; it’s effortless to manage on the back-end as well. Integration with the Square reader that plugs directly into your iPhone or iPad is a plus. A small downside is that it’s a separate link to go to the store, versus integrated directly onto your website. The styling/formatting is limited so all Square stores have the same sort of feel to them.

Crown Candy

Crown Candy is a St. Louis Tradition since 1913. While their legendary BLT and malts might be known locally, their candies are shipped nationwide using Ecwid Shopping Cart. Only shipping during the winter months, due to the precious cargo’s ability to melt in the heat, they wanted a shopping cart they were able to enable/disable easily on their own. Ecwid is able to adjust the storefront based on your site’s colors and themes, making the integration seamless and effortless.

Ebsworth Park

Something great about WooCommerce is that it can scale to fit each customer’s needs. Ebsworth Park has five items to sell on the site, but the ability to add more is always an option. Whether you want to see just a few items, or you’ve got a mega-shopping cart site, WooCommerce can help you sell them.

Volpi Foods

WooCommerce integrates directly into your WordPress website, and you can manage everything from the WordPress dashboard with the rest of your website. This is our current favorite shopping cart feature! We can purchase various plugins to extend its versatility including different payment options and reporting capabilities. Volpi and Blackburn are examples of the extremely friendly WooCommerce plugin.

The Jellinator

We occasionally partner with external developers to deliver custom shopping cart solutions.  This is a more expensive option but BigCommerce is very flexible, and each product can have many different purchasing options. This kind of cart would be good for a large clothing site so people could purchase different sizes, styles, and colors of a product. Check out Jellinator for a one-of-a-kind BigCommerce cart!