More than Hosting

Studio 2108 LLC currently hosts over 400 websites offering each and every site personal attention. Studio 2108 uses dedicated web servers that are reliable and perform numerous backups…you can rest assured that your website files are safe and secure. Our web hosting service includes 24/7 live support; plans start at $75/month. Master Card or Visa accepted.

Our hosting services include:

  • Website Storage
  • Website Backups
  • Easy-to-use Forms
  • WordPress Updates
  • WordPress Phone Support
  • WordPress Malware Scan
  • Domain DNS Management
  • Hourly Fees including Hosting Transfers
  • Up-Time Guarantee and Loading Speed
  • Social Media Feeds

Why should I host with Studio 2108?

Studio 2108 uses multiple web servers. Depending on your needs – we will match up your needs to the correct server that will be the best for you. The response time of a call or a question is usually instant or within minutes unless Wayne is in a meeting. However – most questions can be answered by any of the Studio 2108 staff if Wayne is not available.

Where are the servers?

WP Engine is the preferred hosting company we have dedicated servers with. The others are located in California, Arizona & Alabama – with 24/7 support for Studio 2108 to call. We only use trusted and reliable companies as we do not like to have servers that will cause extra work or downtime of email.

Why not host my site with a company like GoDaddy or Network Solutions?

You certainly can if you wish to go that route. All set up time and any time for Studio 2108 staff dealing with hosting companies like that will be invoiced by the hour separately. One thing to note, as Wayne tried to take out a hosting account with GoDaddy, response time is very slow to set up the server. We have not talked to the same person twice.

The web server we use for our WordPress sites load 6 seconds faster than Network Solutions. How do we know? We tested it! We had a client who wanted to keep their website on Network Solutions and asked us why it was loading so slowly. We installed the same files on our server – our page loaded in 1 second. The same page on Network Solutions? 7 seconds.

What sort of customer service can I expect from Studio 2108?

Studio 2108 is very responsive and quick to return any call from a client. We have dealt with other web hosting companies and have spent several hours on hold, as well as incredibly difficult to reach and speak with someone in charge. Wayne gives his cell phone number out to all clients, encouraging them to call anytime with questions or concerns. Keeping clients satisfied is his number one goal.

I’m sold! Who should I get in touch with to host with Studio 2108?

Contact Wayne M. White at 314.865.5088