When Dr. Jones asked us to partner on a site, we were excited at the prospect of working with him on another project. Eye on Health Radio, his weekly local radio show, was starting to gain some traction, and he wanted a centralized location for his listeners to gather information.

Since we were starting from zero, we got the opportunity to design the logo and branding materials first. The show interviews doctors and medical professionals all across the board, so we knew we wanted to incorporate some themes of that, including a medical cross. Dr. Jones is an eye doctor, hence the name “Eye on Health,” so we had some fun incorporating the optical elements. Lastly, the obvious choice for a radio show was a vintage microphone. Incorporating all three of these items presented a small challenge in getting them all to read as one unit rather than three separate pieces, but we are quite pleased with the final product.

Next came the website – we wanted to be sure to include a place where he could post episode recaps of past interviews, photos with his guests, feature his sponsors, include a Listen Now option for people who might not be able to tune in live on Saturday mornings, and a place where his listeners could suggest future episodes. Since completion of the site, the hosts have been keeping the site current with weekly posts about his guests.

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