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Gateway Disposal STL St Louis Waste Website

This past spring, Studio 2108 designed and branded a fresh website, logo, and print collateral for Gateway Disposal. Gateway Disposal is a new company founded in St. Louis that specializes in collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling of solid waste.

Being a part of the process from day one, we had input during the naming phase which then helped drive the logo and website. The next step in the branding process was designing a logo. Since Gateway Disposal is owned and operated by three lifetime St. Louis natives, we wanted to heavily feature their commitment to maintaining a better, cleaner St. Louis. After a few rounds of logo revisions, our client decided rather than the recycling arrows, trash can, or leaf traditionally associated with the waste and disposal industry, they wanted something a little more unique. We ultimately settled on a fleur de lis inside the Arch, both iconic St. Louis symbols.

Gateway Disposal Business Cards 2

Once again, the client surprised us when they told us they did not want to include green in the logo, which is commonly associated with trash and recycling. We were eager to think outside the box to incorporate something unique when we settled on orange. The new website is a straightforward design with pops of orange throughout to draw the customer to the most important parts of the website.

The primary intent of the new website is to inform customers of the areas serviced by Gateway Disposal St. Louis, direct customers to sign up for service online, as well as pay their bills. We worked closely with their bank to integrate bill pay into the site. The secondary focus was to deliver a strong mission statement and brand identity to the viewer, which is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. As their business expands to cover additional municipalities, the website will, too.

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