The Studio 2108 team worked with the local St. Louis company, Hayne Surridge, to design their website and logo. Hayne Surridge is an St. Louis based company, that has been in the area since 1896. They have a deep history in the community and have put in a century of hard work, customer service, and industry expertise that lead them to where they are today. Today Hayne Surridge is one of the leading experts for industrial products in the sewing industry.

The Studio 2108 creative team worked with Hayne Surridge to design a logo that helped point to the company’s heritage. The ‘&’ illustration in the logo helps tell the story between Roger Hayne and Arthur Surridge and how they, together, began the Hayne-Surridge Company in 1896. The decision to incorporate the illustration into a design that made it look as though it could be a seal or stamp helped show that the company has a connected history with the city, but our creative team kept parts of the logo more modern as well to show that Hayne-Surridge is still moving forward and committed to their customers for decades into the future.

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