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Finalist for Best in business 2018
Oct 14 2018

Best in Business 2018

The Small Business Monthly publication is the source of strategy, management and innovation for St. Louis-area entrepreneurs and business owners. It’s a resource full of tools to help small businesses not only succeed, but thrive. Directories of organizations and agencies that are experienced in business,...

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2018 Great Forest park Balloon Race Studio 2108 Balloon
Sep 19 2018

Studio 2108 Reaches New Heights During the Balloon Race

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Gateway Cup The women's field
Aug 28 2018

34th Annual Gateway Cup

This Labor Day Weekend, the Gateway Cup will be hosting its 34th Annual weekend of cycling. Four days of racing, happening in four unique St. Louis neighborhoods: Lafayette Square, St. Louis Hills, The Hill, and Benton Park. Hundreds of cyclists gather from all over the...

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Be Like Casey Home Screen
Aug 06 2018

Be Like Casey

Casey Saunders was an incredible guy. He was always kind, present, passionate, and going out of his way to help others. His mission was to leave the world a better place, constantly finding little ways to pay it forward. After his passing, friends, family, and...

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Wordpress Or Wix
Jul 12 2018

WordPress or Wix?

When creating a website, there are several options to choose from. Today, let’s talk about the Pros and Cons of using Wix. Although Wix can be an excellent website builder for beginners, it can be restrictive in the long-term as compared to industry leader, WordPress....

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Monsido screen grab
Feb 26 2018

ADA Compliant Websites

Our client, Blackburn College, came to us needing to make their website ADA compliant. Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in all places open to the general public, ensuring they receive the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. This...

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mo tax creds
Jan 05 2018

HTML to WordPress

The goal of the new Missouri Tax Credits website design was to make it look more modern, but more importantly, to make it mobile responsive. The new site design was based on the old site’s look, down to the color palette and logo. The old...

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