For the last six years, Studio 2108 has been a proud sponsor of the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. Several of our staff have had the chance to go up for a ride, including a few who are afraid of heights! Even so, they have all said it’s surprisingly quiet and extremely peaceful once the balloon was in flight.

After spending the last two years on Art Hill, the 2019 Great Forest Park Balloon Glow and Race are both back at its original home, the newly renovated Central Fields. Improved infrastructure will provide a better experience for the heavy amount of foot traffic the event sees.

For the 2019 event, Studio 2108 made several updates to the website. The main focus was making sure the website looked great on all devices; the desktop and mobile versions didn’t need much updating, but the tablet sizes and high resolution screens are where our time was spent. While we were making those edits, we updated the home page screen and menu banner in order to better feature the race’s newest presenting sponsor. The playful interaction of the hot air balloons and clouds floating in the background was a happy little side project. Our last area of focus was updating the menu to be more flexible for the Great Forest Park Balloon Race team for future edits.

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