It’s not normal practice for October to be a month of sowing. IT’s a time of harvest and winding down as we begin to store up for the winter. And that’s the mood we were in fresh off the launch of Claycorp which had just taken us to our limits. So when we were invited to the clients to look at another web site it was assumed it was going to be standard. Simple although always elegant, it was probably a two week job. Winter food.

We couldn’t have been more wrong.

Little did we know the client had plans of sowing a little October seed that was likely to grow into the largest most complex site we had ever done. As they handed us the designs and functionality footnotes we quickly realized this was not only a site with stunning layouts but was a functional powerhouse. As we examined the mock ups we felt relieved this was only October, because as we continued through the designs we felt more and more like what they just handed us was less of a proposal and more like a web site Christmas wish list.

It had user forums, log in/out capabilities, friend follow features, sign up/in from social networks, Ajax custom post tag search feeds, profile display pages, guest author sections, event feeds that order by categories, and styled pop ups everywhere that did everything from logging in to inviting friends to the site.

We thought it was a joke but as we looked up at the faces of the client with eager anticipated smiles for feedback our stomachs turned a notch. They were serious…

“Can this be done?” they asked…

8 months later we at Studio 2108 are proud to announce a web site that is not only remarkably beautiful to look at but is now our operational flagship that flies the bold banner “YES we can and YES we did.”

A web site worthy of the great Shakespeare’s name, broke through the ground this spring with the promise of being the largest tree in the forest. With ALL the features proposed from the beginning we at Studio 2108 wrought a web site of poetic code that will draw all lovers of theater art to its beckoning call. In collaboration with branches that reach over the ocean itself, to the very country that birthed the master, Shake38 is poised to not only be a St Louis Shakespearean foothold but a world wide well for all lovers of drama to drink and share.

We at Studio 2108 are more that proud to bring to you…