Lafayette Square Holiday Parlor Tour 2016Being an intern at Studio 2108 this fall has been incredibly rewarding, and although I spent most of my time here learning WordPress and web design, my favorite project was something a little closer to my true passion: print. I love paper and seeing a project you design on the screen manifest itself as a physical product is one of the most satisfying things about my job. The project was a joy from start to finish.

  1. The talent is incredible. I’m not talking about my talent here, I’m talking about local artist Lena Noel. She’s the one behind the beautiful watercolor painting of the newly restored bridge in Lafayette Park. Although the bridge doesn’t have much to do with the holidays or parlors, it is a project that the neighborhood could easily recognize and get excited about.
  2. The details are in the details. That bridge really served as a huge inspiration.  The pale blue flourishes were illustrated from photographs of the real bridge, and arranged in a fantastic array to embellish the poster in a unique fashion.
  3. Information is everything. When I was presented with a gorgeous painting to work with, I got a little distracted from the point of the poster: to inform the public about how to get tickets for the tour. I had to make some adjustments and there was a lot of push and pull, but eventually I found a way to make the copy clear without overshadowing the mark making of the painting.

It was a delight to be able to take a single poster design and apply it to so many platforms: program books, banners, tickets, social media graphics, and more! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to see this work “in the wild” because I came down with a nasty cold the weekend of the event.