Last month, after several months of development, we launched a mega e-commerce site for our client. FilmSource, Inc. has over five hundred products for sale on their website, many with up to 15 color and size variations. Individual product pages can have multiple photos and videos to showcase the item to the users before purchasing – these can include close-up shots of the smaller details, charts listing how many sheets of paper a coil might hold, or a video of the machine in action. Additionally, we integrated an image preview system to zoom in when hovering over a product photo.

FilmSource already had a thorough loyalty rewards program from their previous site, so they wanted to make sure the perks on the new site were just as good for their customers, if not better. Built into the site is a specialized tiered program offering many free benefits simply for signing up. Customers who are enrolled in the free Reward $ program get the following perks: free shipping and a 3% discount on orders over $199, earned points to apply to future orders, stored billing and shipping information to expedite future shopping trips, ability to re-order from previous transactions, as well as keep items in their cart until they are ready to proceed. A special email will go out to a registered customer reminding them there are items they left in their cart. Shoppers can simplify future shopping trips by using the wishlist feature to easily save items for later.

Shopping on the site is not only easy for the customer, but it is also streamlined for product and order fulfillment on the FilmSource end. Custom template interfaces were added, making it painless to switch between them for creating various types of products. A LiveChat feature helps the customer get their questions answered immediately as well as assist the FilmSource team in closing the sale. The backend of this WordPress website is highly customized, everything from special tax exempt users to custom color-coded order statuses such as “Refunded” or “In Progress” to searching orders by product numbers and streamlining the order printouts. Since many people interact with a single order on the backend, from order placement to fulfillment, it was imperative that the process is thorough but simplistic.

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