This Labor Day Weekend, the Gateway Cup will be hosting its 34th Annual weekend of cycling. Four days of racing, happening in four unique St. Louis neighborhoods: Lafayette Square, St. Louis Hills, The Hill, and Benton Park. Hundreds of cyclists gather from all over the US to participate in this criterium-style race.
A criterium, also known as a crit, is a lap-race taking place in a closed one-mile circuit. The race length is determined by by a set amount of time, anywhere from 40-60 minutes, and then adding five laps, significantly shorter than traditional road races. Additionally, criterium-style races are a thrilling spectator sport since the cyclists will ride by the onlookers several times. Prizes, called “primes” in this sport, are usually cash but could be medals for the younger generation.
At the Gateway Cup, a viewer can expect to see five to six races every day, ranging from amateur cyclists to seasoned veterans. Each day of racing also includes kids races and some even offer recreational rides and various activities for adults. Every day ends with Men’s and Women’s Professionals, where the cyclists often surpass 45 mph.

This past winter, before the cycling season was in full swing, Studio 2108 got the opportunity to revamp the Gateway Cup website. Previously, the site was difficult to update due to many items being hard-coded. Pictures and galleries were several years out of date, and adding any new sponsors was a pain. The site is now developed in WordPress meaning it is easy to update, adding or editing photos and sponsors can be done by anyone in the organization, and the site not only runs faster, but it also reads as more modern. We used the original design elements and colors but redeveloped the site with a fresh look and feel. The new website navigation is more user-friendly and the site is mobile-responsive…race participants can even sign up on the go!
Studio 2108 is proud to be a sponsor of the Gateway Cup, an cycling event that is fun for all ages. Check out the event schedule, and be sure to catch this energetic weekend full of racing!