Where can I host a WordPress website?

As WordPress becomes more widespread and popular, more options are available for hosting.  Some of the hosting sites include Bluehost, DreamHost, Laughing Squid, Media Temple, and Simple Helix.  When choosing a host, it is imperative that the host can support databases and php.  It also needs to be able to run fast enough to support these and function.  Visitors will be discouraged if the speed of your website is slow.   Because of the speed, they may not return or continue viewing.

At Studio 2108, we use Media Temple and Simple Helix to host our WordPress websites.  We work with our clients to ensure customer satisfaction with our interaction.  We collaborate with them to create user-friendly and easily navigable websites.  If our clients are interested, we offer a one-hour tutorial on WordPress.  This tutorial will allow the client to make additions, deletions, and edit their finished website.  For more information call (314) 865-5088.