Moving Your Website…

Can I Move My WordPress Site to Another Server or Hosting Company?

There may be many different reasons you would want to move your WordPress website to another server or hosting company.  You could be dissatisfied with the customer service of the company who is currently hosting the site. You could be experiencing frustrating server downtime or a slow downloading site. You may even want to just move your website within your current server! It is possible to move your WordPress website to another server or even within your current server. When you do, it is important to make sure your new server supports WordPress, databases and php.

At Studio 2108, we host a number of WordPress websites. Customer service is always our top priority. Our designers take into account your unique wants and needs for your site. If you are having trouble moving your site, our owner Wayne White would be happy to meet with you and discuss the transfer.  For more information and pricing call (314) 865-5088 or contact us online.