River City FC

Running Up the Score on Landing Page Hits

Can a better web page put more kids on the soccer field? That’s the goal.

River City FC is a youth soccer club in the St. Louis area for children aged 5 to 18. More than focusing on wins and losses alone, River FC is dedicated to helping players develop their full potential in the technical and mental aspects of the game. With this approach, challenges become learning opportunities—and struggle or failure, a path toward growth. 

When it was time to recruit players for spring tryouts, River City FC turned to Studio 2108 to create an effective registration page. The project had to meet several requirements:

  1. Be user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple for players to sign up.
  2. Include clear calls to action (again, to encourage registrations).
  3. Make it easy for search engines to find (search engine optimization, or SEO).
  4. To further drive traffic to the registration page, develop a compelling Facebook ad campaign.

Studio 2018 accomplished it all—but didn’t stop there, leveraging sophisticated tracking technology to analyze how visitors engaged with the page. So River City FC could closely monitor success.

And success they had—with a full field of new players to be challenged, learn and grow. For a team of passionate soccer coaches, that’s the ultimate kick.

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