Lex Valorem

Lex Valorem approached us at Studio 2108, with the goals of converting their website to run on WordPress, implementing features that would allow Lawyers working at Lex Valorem to update their profiles as they see fit, adding a blog page, and refreshing out of date portions of the website.

Making the change to WordPress added features that made the lives of the Lawyers at Lex Valorem easier. Along with these updates, Studio 2108 added a blog to the Lex Valorem website, which allowed for the Lawyers to add relevant news stories.

There were some portions of Lex Valorem’s old website that were in need of a refresh and the team at Studio 2108 stepped in to help with the refresh. Studio 2108 was able to maintain the style of the past site, and improve upon the back-end and refresh the out of date portions. Now Lex Valorem’s website looks sleek on the front-end and handles great on the back-end.

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