Lafayette Preparatory Academy (LPA)

Lafayette Preparatory Academy (LPA) came to us at Studio 2108 in 2018 with the goal to redesign and refresh their website. The goal of the redesign was to have the website be fun and interesting.

Along with the redesign and refresh, LPA wanted to implement features that aid in ease of life for the teachers and the parents of students. We at Studio 2108 created a Staff page that utilizes a feed to showcase each staff member along with their bio. This feature also optimized the back-end of the website, as it allows for staff members to easily update their bio.

LPA wanted a way to showcase their ever-growing history, and we were able to help them in doing so. Studio 2108 created a page to showcase LPA’s history. We focused on making the back-end of, not just the page, but the entire website, easy to use for all, ensuring that LPA would be able to continue to expand upon their website.

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