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Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, young and old. It brings us great pleasure to present to you, Studio 2108’s latest and greatest design achievement…The Great Forest Park Balloon Race’s very own brand new web site

Upon commission of such a titled event we knew a site with a common standard feel would not be enough to foreshadow the grandeur of an occasion such as it, so we aspired to achieve not only top level design and architecture but to compel the visitor to wow at the experience as they would wow in attendance.

Guided by the design of the talented Allison Schuman, we began conception and construction of what would be Studio 2108’s very first parallax animated web site. Aided by Allie Palmer, Stephanie Semanik, and Jeremy Cointin, the team began building a site that would bring the experience of the balloon race right to your living room. With popping colors and careful contrasts one could taste the cotton candy and feel the park breeze as they floated from page to page. But as the race itself the real experience belongs not on the ground but among the clouds in the sky. Therefor the wishes of your inner child had to be meet and so the balloon that greets you upon your arrival simply had to fly.

And fly it does. Your experience begins with a simple click. After a brief dramatic pause in suspense the page comes alive as the very background balloons, that you expected to remain still, fire their barrels and take to flight. Soon after, your host balloon takes to the skies carrying you through a magical tour of past races and glories like a forgotten fairytale. Through the skies you float until returning to your city park that only incites your resolve to be part of the real experience that happens in September.

So come take a ride on our web site and set your calendars for the event that you will remember for years to come.

The desktop version of this newly launched website features a unique technique called Parallax Scrolling. As the visitor scrolls down the home page, the photos and different content sections scroll up at different speeds to give a sense of 2D animation. We also simplified the website for mobile views, with just a simple menu and layout for the phone user.

Don’t forget that Studio 2108 can design more than websites! Since the client loved the design of the website so much, they asked us to design the Poster and Program cover for the event as well! The design matches the website with more colored balloons added.

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