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Daniel Schmitt & Co.

Studio 2108 redesigned a custom WordPress website for Daniel Schmitt & Co, Classic Car Gallery, as well as a logo redesign. As their business is luxury cars, they wanted a site redesign that felt as clean as it did luxurious. A unique feature developed for this site was a custom inventory system which included eBay exporting capabilities for their vast collection of cars. In addition, we transitioned all of the previous pdf forms to the web. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to check out the cool feature for all of Daniel Schmitt’s international clients – translating the whole page to 30+ languages!

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Daniel Schmitt & Co. had a huge inventory of classic cars when they came to Studio 2108 for a redesign of their website. There were two unique challenges that needed to be overcome:

  1. The old site’s inventory needed to be ported over to WordPress. With thousands of cars, doing it manually was out of the question. This inventory system would require a custom post type to make entering in future vehicles simple and easy.
  2. Ebay has served as a great marketing tool, so every car needs to also have its own Ebay page, which has its own unique limitations for what HTML/CSS can be used.

We wrote a custom site scraper that pulled and sorted all of the pertinent data from the old site to the new site. This included details on the car such as make and model in addition to photographs of each car. Their new inventory entry system was built to work well with WordPress, letting them enter in vehicle characteristics and upload photos of each car.

Each vehicle also has a different page template generated which can be entered in to Ebay. The page generated is very similar to the actual website, and gave their Ebay pages more polish.

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