Breckenridge Material Co. is a family-owned and operated company that has been around for over 80 years. Since then, they have acquired several companies and now boast over 30 locations in Eastern Missouri and Western Illinois. They are the largest supplier and producer of ready-mix concrete and aggregates in the region.

When designing the site, we wanted to incorporate their rich and storied history as they look toward the future. The BMC team shared old marketing materials and photos with us for inspiration and use on the website. Ultimately, the look of the website was inspired by their historic marketing materials, incorporating colors, typography, and even some old icons that were scanned and digitized.

A unique feature coded into this website is the custom map showing all of their 30+ locations. Clicking each dot shows the customer not only where they’re located, but also a phone number as well as the services and supplies offered at each. The complex theming system allows them to style pages based on their various companies, displaying different logos, headers, and color schemes for whatever region they are viewing.

Additionally, our team spent a day traveling to several of their worksites, photographing, videoing, and taking drone footage of quarry explosions, many of which you will see on the site.

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BMC mockup