We have successfully integrated the number one web platform with the number one game engine. We are very pleased to announce a custom WordPress to Unity theme is now available for construction to whomever commissions one through Studio 2108.


What does this mean?
Basically it means we can construct a WordPress theme with major parts of it being 3D interactive ( thanks to webGL and Unity ) that CAN be updated and edited through the WordPress backend. The client would NOT have to do a Unity 3D build every time they wanted to update their 3D content.

Like a normal WordPress theme, it will have a easy to use backend interface that allows the client to change pictures, colors, text, and even objects in their 3D space. In it’s most basic form the client can simply update their post blog and their 3D canvas will update the (GUI) text in the 3D world. That means we basically took blogging into the future.

Who would use this?

Right off the top of my head, it’s a perfect solution for online art galleries. Especially if you want to model their actual physical gallery in 3D for virtual tours. The web site would basically be as close to actually visiting the art gallery as possible. The client (art gallery administrators) could update the pictures and description text of the art piece from the easy to use WordPress backend. This way they can update their own 3d art gallery without having to export a new 3D build.

A second easy example client would be architects. Being able to represent your work in 3D on the web with a interactive walk through capability would be invaluble for portfolio demonstrations. Even more so if your using your cutting edge 3D web site to sell a property. And since most architects build their plans in AutoCad anyway the 3D models that they already have can be imported into Unity for sight content. They already have the models and textures. It’s a slam dunk.

Third possible 3D web users would of course be product sales companies. The ability to display your product in 3D where the potential buyer can rotate it and zoom in on details could mean the difference between sale or no sale. And it goes the distance to impress visitors, being that this technology and capability is bran new. Gives your presentation the WOW factor your looking for.

But in reality the possibilities are endless. Thanks to WordPress and Unity we are taking the internet from it’s previous 2D restrictions to the rich depth of possibilities 3D lends by nature.

These are exciting times.