We recently had a new client have us develop these items first: logo, business cards, business forms, yard signs, magnetic signs all with a web address on them. Then we received a call from a potential client calling about our client who’s website is NOT developed yet as they wanted to wait until they could afford to pay us for the website. Without having a website on line the potential client was not sure if the company was legitimate.

When you think of starting a new business, what general business or marketing items immediately pop into your mind? Various business forms, business cards, yard signs, magnetic signs? Yes, you’ll need all of these. But what if they have a web address on them, but you have no website…yet? Have you ever gone to a web address, and when you get there it says “Under Construction”? What about when you type in an address, and nothing comes up? If you’re like most people, you instantly begin to make assumptions about that company. Are they legitimate? Have they been in business for over a month? Can I trust this company?

We have reached the point where websites have become as basic as having a phone number for most businesses. When YOU don’t have a completed website – or if you have a very outdated or non-functional site, you should know that people are making assumptions about YOU, like it or not! Save yourself the extra hassles and rush fees for getting a site put up overnight, and give our team a call today…before you lose customers and potential business to the fact that your website isn’t complete or is an outdated one, that doesn’t represent your company the way you would like it to.