I’ve been thinking about adding another screen to my work setup. I use a macbook, and connected to that macbook is a Acer 24” LCD monitor. I could really use one more monitor to keep open for the bazillion of tasks that web development calls for…. i can’t just add another video card to my laptop! What to do… what to do…

TigerDirect informed my today that there were new monitor accessories i might want! Oh… do tell.

Among the many, there was this little gem:

Arkview USB-1612 PC-to-TV Multi-DisplayVideo Adapter – USB 2.0 to DVI, VGA, HDMI, 1600×1200

Long name, but after a quick read over the description and comments, it will let you hook up many types of screens as additional desktops (mirrored or expanded) with the usb port.  Sweet.