Studio 2108 LLC – a St. Louis, Missouri based web design and SEO company has been asked what are the Pros and Cons of building a website using WordPress vs DotNetNuke (DNN). So below are some major points that we think need to be considered when considering which Content Managed (CMS) platform when revamping or even building a brand new website.

We have developed a few websites using DotNetNuke. We found it very difficult to customize the look of the site. I am sure if you ask a developer about DNN they will say DNN is the best and do not use WordPress. I would suggest asking them how DNN handles the items listed below.

WordPress Main Features:
HTML code
Open source Templates
Post Preview
Pre-made Templates
Spell Check
DotNetNuke Main Features
Pre-made Template
WordPress DotNetNuke
Content Managed System (CMS) platform? yes yes
Thousands of theme possibilities yes no
Works on all types of servers? yes no
On average, works on all browsers? yes no – only IE
Can the design of the website be updated
easily reusing the content/database?
yes no – not quickly
or easily
Is it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly? yes no! – the URL
structure is just one of the problems
Are the plugins/modules/addons free? yes no
Constant development and updates to its structure? yes – problems and updates are constantly in the works no – DNN works at a much slower pace, and updates can take over a year at times
Does it have social networking features? yes – you can auto-link to your facebook or twitter page no – does not come with ability to link to facebook or twitter pages.
Average times working with the platform
Learning Framework 2 hours 5 days
Initial Setup 30 minutes 2 days
Modules/Plugins Installation 30 minutes 1 day
Troubleshooting none 3 days
Upgrades/Updates Almost instantaneous 5 days
Ongoing Maintenance 30 minutes 1 day