Studio 2108 LLC – is a Search Engine Optimization SEO company located in St. Louis Missouri. We have clients all over the US in the states of: Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, California and Missouri of course. We use Google Analytics to track all of our websites and we have designed and developed over 70 WordPress websites over the last year – which Google loves how WordPress handles the code. I can provide a FREE website evaluation when I meet with a potential client. What I am constantly amazed by – is the fact that most websites are not built the correct way for search engines to see their content. Sometimes the website is only being found by the company name. At Studio 2108 we take pride in designing and developing great looking websites (with our graphic design background of 20 years experience) for our clients and they are indexed and found – all because we take the time to build the site the best way for SEO reasons.

Organic SEO company results for Studio 2108 - 2/2011I always like to suggest to any potential client looking for a SEO company – look at how they compare to the competition, look at their portfolio and then call some of their clients. Ask to see some case studies or results for their clients. What I really like is how my website is starting to get traffic and search results for keywords that do not contain St Louis. I have been getting more and more calls for potential work outside of the St Louis area. Examples: British Columbia, New Jersey, California, New York, Chicago and Virginia are some of the recent locations. To the right is a screen shot of our current keyword rankings – organically.

We have been doing organic SEO for over 5 years for a variety of clients. We have case studies showing how we have increased the traffic 4 – 6 times if not more than when we started applying our SEO expertise. If you want to see our case studies and you want to talk to our clients who are following our suggestions for SEO – please email or call Wayne 314.865-5088 for them.