Does a well designed website get more business? ABSOLUTELY!

Below is a case study that shows how a redesigned website – utilizing graphic design skills – produced more business with 79 less visitors in the same time frame while using the same exact content – an increase of 546% more bookings – within 7 days. was originally designed by Studio 2108 – Wayne M. White in 1998 – on a lean budget and it was one of Wayne’s very first websites that he designed and developed. Wayne has hosted and maintained the website since inception. The average unique visitors have ranged from 1500 – 2000 per month for the last year.

On Friday 4/10/09 – we launched a newly designed website for The new site has the same content but a fresh & updated market-driven design.

Below are some very interesting numbers for the 7 days before and the 7 days after the launch of the new site:

OLD WEBSITE STATS: 4/3/2009 – 4/10/2009Unique Visitors: 524
Number of Rooms Reserved: 15
Potential $ Generated: $1500
Napoleons Retreat Before Redesign
NEW WEBSITE STATS: 4/10/2009 – 4/17/2009Unique Visitors: 445
Number of Rooms Reserved: 82
Potential $ Generated: $8200
Napoleon's Retreat After Redesign


The owners of the Napoleons Retreat are thrilled with the amount of bookings that have come with the new website.

Currently 80% of the bookings come from the website without a phone call. The bounce rate for the website has also dropped as well.

As with all of our clients, we will continue to monitor site traffic vs. bookings to evaluate effectiveness.