Wayne C White 2007 Z06 Corvette race car driver posterRecently I created this custom designed Race Car Driver Poster for my Dad – Wayne C. White who owns and races a 2007 Z06 Corvette. I surprised him with the original poster at the bottom for Father’s day in 2007 from some photos I had taken. Then when we visited him this summer (August 2011), we had a planned photo shoot so I could photograph him in his Racing suit and take a better photo of the Z06 in the sunlight. My father is a Corvette guy who loves to drive fast and actually races this car in various open road races. In the BIG BEND OPEN ROAD RACE  his average speed was 165 mph.


Z06 Corvette - 2007 race car driver poster - Wayne C WhiteTo the right is the first poster I created using photos I had taken at random times and when he drove the Corvette to St Louis. It is amazing how the lighting and the angle of the car can change the look of the poster. The image of my Dad in this one was taken 8 years ago.

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