QR code - Black and White pixelated box image for Studio 2108 I am starting to see more and more of these Black and White pixelated square boxes/images in print ads (newspapers and magazines) and window decals (as Google sent me one for a favorite places for the Studio 2108 office).

What are these black and white pixelated square images?

They are called QR codes.

How do you read or get the information from the code?

You will need a QR code reader on your mobile phone in order to get the info intended to share. Typically the app is free and I found one on the Apple App store for my iPhone – “QRReader”. It saves a link in your phone if you want as well. The code reading app is available on most smart phone.

How do you get one or create your own?

It is free to create them as well. You can create one QR code for any of the following uses: create to your website or link to a unique page and then you can track how many people are actually using it,  , message or a contact. I found this website that will let you create your own QR code for free: https://qrcode.kaywa.com/

These QR Codes are very cool and a great way to get more people to your website or to send them a marketing message. We will be experimenting with this more as opportunities come up. I see benefits of using them in print ads  that we custom design for our clients to measure marketing success.

4/21/2011 – Follow up – I met with a potential client yesterday and he used this page to send to his client and they ended up printing one of these QR Codes on a water bottle. What a great idea – print them on products as well as printed materials.