custom designed wordpress website DOCStudio 2108 LLC – a St Louis, MO website design company just launched this custom designed WordPress website. It was a collaboration project between our studio and Kiku Obata & Company. Kiku Obata & Company presented us with Illustrator design files of what they envisioned for the website and we developed their designs as a working website with the WordPress platform.

The new custom designed and developed website features different custom slideshows and news feeds. The “Daily Prayer” section is post-driven within WordPress, in which the client can easily put in the prayer quote, credit, and date they’d like it published and it will show up on the website at that time. Each page is a custom template based on the original designs. We developed a few different forms for the website as well, including a “Find a Sister” form, “Prayer Request” form, and “Donation” form. There is a also a private “Sister Login” section of the website where Sisters can share news and documents.