Studio 2108 LLC, a St Louis, Missouri graphic design, website design and Search Engine Optimization Company recently launched a new custom designed content managed website (using WordPress).

We love getting to work with people who have a passion for what they want to do. That couldn’t be more true for our newest client, 30-64. Keep your eyes open for their logo mark, because we think that this company and it’s ideas will be spread far and wide.

30-64 approached us with exciting visions for their company, what they hope to achieve and how they want to inspire. After hearing 30-64’s goals, we couldn’t help but be energized ourselves and wanted their new branding to truly reflect their objective.

Their tagline is: Move, Hydrate, Live. Take a look at some of our work below to see how we achieved this idea through every aspect of their marketing materials.

Typographic Logo Design for 30-64

Stacked Typographic logo for 30-64

Custom Designed Icon for 30-64

Icon Mark for 30-64

Horizontal Logo for 30-64

Custom Designed Web Site

An SEO friendly, Content Managed Web Site that is animated without Flash. One of the great advantages of this is that our client can update this site herself from her home computer. That gives her the flexibility to post her daily motivations to 30-64 members and blog about activities they can get involved in.

Here are some Tech Specs: Custom WordPress, Custom PHP and Custom Javascript Animation.

The site content pages are stacked into a horizontal layout, and served to the screen as ‘slides’.  Users can click the menu items, and new dynamic content slide onto the screen.  Each slide contains content that is client editable in the wordpress dashboard.  Some of the slides change anytime there is a new news item, keeping the content fresh while still maintaining a unique presentation.

The site also includes the social syndication services, SEO optimization, and security all of our websites include.  We are able to do Flash like animated content by using advanced javascript programming.  We chose to use javascript over flash to ensure the site would load on many platforms, and allow the content to be visible to search engines for proper indexing.

Custom Designed Business Cards

Here are business cards that we designed for 30-64.

Custom Designed Letterhead

And here is the letterhead we designed.