Studio 2108 LLC, a St. Louis WordPress web design company is proud to announce the launch of a new custom designed website for Brown & Crouppen, a St. Louis-based law firm specializing in personal injury lawsuits for clients in Missouri, Kansas City and Southern Illinois.

The client wanted to see an updated look and more user-friendly structure to the website. We decided on a classy brown/black/gold color scheme that matches their logo and portrays the feel of their business.

We came up a with a new solution to their sidebar navigation. The previous site had a problem when there were too many 2nd level navigation items, they would continue to stack vertically and visitors weren’t able to navigate them all. We implemented a “mega menu” for the sidebar navigation that shows the menu items horizontally and divides them up with accessible headlines.

The custom homepage slideshow features the 9 main areas of practice and we helped re-structure the pages in the site map. We worked with our SEO consultant to make sure they wouldn’t loose any page rank and create new pages with maximum SEO value. We also worked with their tracking and chat code embeds to seamlessly switch to the new website when they were ready to go live!

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