mobile website ipad horizontal screen shot

Horizontal screen shot of mobile website on iPad

Studio 2108 LLC – a St Louis, Missouri website design and SEO company just launched a new  Mobile website for the company website. We have developed a smaller scaled site that will be fun to view on mobile devices – yes even the non Apple products.

What is a lot of fun with this site, is the screen actually rotates and scales as you rotate the iPad or iPhone with the screen. The only way you see the site is on your mobile device as we have the auto detect. Using WordPress (an easy to use CMS platform) as our preferred way to develop Content Managed websites – we can add mobile sites to any website we develop using WordPress. Take a look at this website on the iPhone vs the computer as we installed a mobile version of the site for Ricardo’s.

2011 continues to show more and more people using their mobile devices while viewing websites. How does your website load on them? Give Wayne a call if you want to learn how we can help. 314-865-5088.