The goal of the new Missouri Tax Credits website design was to make it look more modern, but more importantly, to make it mobile responsive. The new site design was based on the old site’s look, down to the color palette and logo. The old site had been designed using HTML over 10 years ago. It was also time to convert it from HTML to WordPress so the client could create and update projects himself.

The purpose of the website is to inquire about selling your historic tax credits, so we made sure to include a Call to Action on all pages; it includes a short form to fill out and then someone will be in touch about your tax credits. The “wow factor” of large, high resolution images was important, allowing visitors to the site to see the transformation possible to old buildings with a little care and historic tax credit money.

We designed the project pages and portfolio to be look more modern and feature images more prominently. We were asked to design it in such a way that it displays large images, but also works well, has plenty of room for text, and looks nice. Some of the older projects had small or low-quality images that might appear grainy when enlarged for the new site. If we didn’t have any images, the project page might include additional text. For some of the local projects, Wayne went out and took new, higher-resolution photos to include in the project portfolios.

HTML has been around since 1990 – it was one of the first programming languages developers used. HTML sites didn’t get a lot of stylistic options; users could really only influence the fonts and colors of their page. Web design has come a long way over the last decade, so users can make more meaningful design choices than just colors and fonts. While we can still stylize a site using HTML and incorporate small portions of HTML, sites are no longer developed using only HTML since the technology and programming languages have vastly improved.

Is your old HTML site a hassle for you to edit and update? Does your website need to be updated for mobile friendliness? Contact us today to discuss a seamless transition to modern-day and easy-to-use WordPress.