custom designed website developed in WordPressStudio 2108 – a St Louis, Missouri Graphic DesignWeb designSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) company is proud to announce the launching of an updated Content Managed Web Site using WordPress for TAG ( We designed and developed a new look for TAG 2 years ago in traditional HTML. The TAG staff wanted to be able to make updates themselves. So we converted the exiting site into WordPress. Below are some the added features:

  • Each product is encapsulated into a template, and displayed on the website.   These products are all searchable/sortable by key word, SKU, category and more.
  • The website can create a print-friendly PDF catalog to specification using the inventory stored in the database (pictures included).  The catalog can also be customized to show only specific items or categories.  They can also be customized on a per-client basis, making it easy for a client to get a custom catalog based on their pricing by supplying TAG with a spread sheet of SKU/pricing information.
  • The site is social media friendly, and syndicates specific content across social networks as desired.  For example, anytime a new ‘news’ item is published to the site, it will automatically get syndicated to Twitter and Facebook, with links back to the original site.  This require no extra work on the client’s part, publish once and done.
  • The site allows TAG to create profiles for their client, allow them to log in and access sensitive information not available to the public.  This privlage can include extra information show on product pages (warehouse status, pricing), special download sections, and in some cases the ability to edit or contribute to the website. It is a flexable system, with multiple levels of permissions.
  • The wordpress platform allow for rapid scaling as new content arrives.  To add a new products to the site using the CMS takes minutes, to bulk add products to the site is also available.
  • The navigation of the site is taxonomy driven. As products are added into the database they are categorized (ex: football, volleyball), they will fall into the navigation automatically.  No need to manually edit a navigation file.  Just add product and categorize and it’s done.
  • Since the platform for TAG is built on wordpress, it of course includes access to the thousands of plug-ins.  This makes adapting to change a lot easier and cost effective as the majority of the good plugins are free.
  • Along the lines of plugins, we write our own to extend out the wordpress framework to accomidate any need.  (for example, the PDF generator is a custom written Studio 2108 plugin by Nate)