Some days, being a graphic designer or web developer means you take on some new hats. In one Studio 2108 team member’s case… a catcher’s hat helmet.

Yesterday, the ladies of Studio 2108 took a bit of an outing to a local baseball field for a photo shoot for one of our clients. Our client, TAG, was looking to us to create some photos they could use that would feature their safety gear and softball equipment. We had specific shots we needed… and just few hours before a local campus’s baseball practice to try and get just the right shot.

The first shot we needed ideally would have the ball hung right in mid-air…

Getting the ball in mid-air ended up being challenge #1. We got plenty of shots that look like the ball is just sitting tight in Ashley’s palm.

Getting the lighting just right ended up being challenge #2.

But despite our graphic designer’s lack of softball experience (I bet you can’t even tell!), we got the shot we needed from the dugout in the end.

Challenge #3 involved our general lack of understanding about leg guards.

And challenge #4 was convincing our graphic designer model to pose for fielding grounders instead of preparing to join forces with other Power Rangers.

All in all, it was an excellent Studio 2108 outing!