Illinois custom designed website

Below is a website that we developed for St. Louis Composting with locations in Illinois and Missouri. The website is a content managed website using WordPress. The owner has full control of the website and can easily update the site with no knowledge of html code.

Illinois Custom Website

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What are the Pros & Cons of a Content Managed WordPress website vs static HTML site?

WordPress Content Managed Website Key Features of Interest:

  • Ability to update content easily from a computer or mobile device
  • Ability to receive feedback from their client on the website
  • Ability to take their own picture, or user pictures and post them to the website
  • Add new pages as you wish
  • Easily make pages password protected
  • Easy to maintain and display galleries of pictures
  • Events and calendars
  • Integrate existing social media content to your website (ex. twitter and Facebook)
  • Site is searchable within the WordPress website itself
  • Site is very SEO friendly, you can control the keywords and meta tags
  • Anytime new content is added to the site – all major search engines get pinged
  • Auto detect for iPhone and iPad web browser (will load a different version of the site for the iPhone)