It would take the average person 4-5 times longer to complete the simplest theme template web site than is does us. Why? We have designed and developed hundreds of WordPress websites in the last 3 years. Not too mentioned we have already learned where everything is and what to do in every situation.

Even the simplest template website takes at least 10 hours alone to set up when you do it correctly; with the proper security installations and back-up plugins (not those 3 click install programs that leave your security wide open).

After that you have…

  • Setting up menu items
  • Configuring the sliders
  • Setting up theme options (themes don’t install ready to go)
  • Configuring side bars (theme dependent)
  • Uploading images correctly (proper width n height to keep page loading time down)
  • Pasting in text
  • Reformatting the pasted in text to HTML tags that display properly ( paste from word docs doesn’t work)
  • Hyper-linking the special text
  • Setting up the meta SEO tags
  • And testing the pages for bugs


And this is the simplest most basic set up you have available. And it assumes everything will go right and display the way you want it without doing extra HTML, CSS, PHP theme editing.

The person just starting in WordPress will have to learn how to do all this (along with learning to deal with WordPress’ corky nuances) and by average will spend 4-5 times longer than we will doing the simplest of these tasks. Not sure – give us a call and we can give you a quote and see how we can help you.

But like golf… while it may look easy many people end up frustrated and stuck in a sand pit.