A huge concern for us at Studio 2108 is web site backups. We host and manage hundreds of web sites so it’s no surprise that when Freddy Krueger visits us at night he goes for our servers first. The idea of loosing a hundred web sites in one fell swoop has woke us all up in a cold sweat more than once and for this reason we have gone through considerable pains to ensure our sites are not lost upon a single structural disaster.

WordPress ThemesBut through the years this has been a cumbersome time consuming job and as our portfolio grows so does the time spent backing up site after site, night after night. A developers time is expensive so doing redundant backups not only takes up valuable time but it costs a considerable amount of money to continue. That was until we discovered the Backup Buddy plugin for WordPress developed by Ithemes.

In the past we have tried a number of plugins but all have failed on some level. There was always some little issue with the plugins that made us uncomfortable. But here was a new plugin that promised alot and delivered as promised.

It not only does database backups but it will back up your entire WordPress installation. You can set where you want it to place the files. You can set how many files you want it to keep. You can set the frequency of the backups. If you have differently configured servers it will give you status reports that tell you how you should handle your scheduled backups and it prompts you to edit your scheduling in areas that effect server space.

But what REALLY sold us on the Backup Buddy was the off site non local back up abilities. Off site non local backups are the key to a good night sleep and when we found out the Backup Buddy offered options to send local backups to our Drop Box accounts we were immediately sold. Now not only will it do full backups it will send these backups to off site locations insuring us that it will take more than one demolished building to wipe our our precious client stock. And to add to the value we are able to set up private Drop Box accounts and give clients access to these accounts where as before this was impossible to do securely. With all this packed into one this was a no brainier for us.

Now the Backup Buddy is a premium plugin that costs money to get but that was also a positive in our eyes. Companies that charge money for their plugins also make sure they work in all the different host environments. We prefer this premium because we like to know the developers are serious about their plugins and won’t just decide not to update them upon the next WordPress release. Professional plugin companies also offer professional support and Ithemes has been very good to us answering questions. For anyone that takes their back ups seriously and anything else they do with WordPress this premium is not only expected but comforting and well worth it. Of course we opted for the developer package and as far as backups are concerned it has been one of the best decisions we have made.

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