Why does my website look different in different browsers?

Consistent browser display is quite difficult. No matter how browser compatible you make your website, it will not be 110% exact in each and every browser. It will virtually appear the same in most all aspects but there will still be a few things here and there that do not appear to be exact. The biggest issue here is the browsers layout engine. The layout engine is what interprets the CSS code(what makes up the website).

How often should my website be updated?

This all depends on the type of business you have your website set up for and your target audience. Most websites will be designed, and then edits will be made here and there throughout time. If you have a website for something like a local art museum where art pieces are being switched out consistently, you would then need to make edits quite often.

How long does it usually take to design a website?

This depends on the factors involved within the design process. If you have all of the content and graphics ready at the time the website design process takes place then it will go faster than if you wait until after the design process begins. Another key factor to the length of time it will take, is what kind of widgets and plug-ins you want to use and how many pages you are wanting.

How do I embed a video on my web site?

There are a few different approaches you can take to achieve this. One being you can upload your video to Facebook or youtube then link it to your website. The easiest way to put the video on your website is upload it to Youtube and then copy the HTML code and paste it on your webpage.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is just the name for the so-called “language” each web page is written in. The purpose of this language is very important because this code is what makes your website visually look how it does.

Who owns my website once it is finished?

An easy way to put it is you and the host of your website. You have ownership of your website once finished but if you miss a hosting payment, your host has the power to shut down your website.

Do I have to host my website with the company that designed it?

The answer is no. There are many designers and many hosts, just because you have a company design your website does not mean they absolutely have to host it too. It will be easier to do it all in one place but it is not required.

What is Google Analytics?

This is software that shows web designers the inside information that is helpful to bettering a website. This offers information to them like how many people are visiting the site, at what locations, if they are viewing the website from a cell phone, all the internal information that helps to know what the audience likes or doesn’t like.

Who is a local St Louis company that can host a WordPress site?

Studio 2108 located in downtown St Louis hosts hundreds of WordPress websites.

Who is a reliable Wordpress website hosting company in St Louis?

Studio 2108 located in downtown St Louis hosts hundreds of WordPress websites.