Unless you work in the SEO field, you may not have heard of page score before. Page score is a prediction of how well a page or website will rank in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Page scores are out of 100 points, and a higher number is oftentimes associated with a faster user experience.
Today’s example comes from Clear Auto Bra. Before optimizing their site Clear Auto Bra’s mobile speed was 49/100 and the desktop was 56/100. What did we do to speed up the site?

  • We replaced the Home page slider with a single image.
    There are several reasons why web designers are moving away from sliders. They divide your user’s attention if you’re trying to get several important messages across at once, most viewers ignore or don’t see the sliders (source), and only 1% of viewers click on the slider (source). Just to name a few. 
  • All of the images on the site were optimized for web.
    Hundreds of images were not only saved out specifically for web, but they were also run through an image compressor. This will not only save you precious space on a hosted server, but it will also help the images load faster for the viewer.
  • Sucuri website firewall was added.
    Sucuri specializes in security for WordPress sites (Studio 2108’s preferred website platform). All traffic goes through Sucuri before going through your site on a hosted server. This allows Sucuri to block any suspicious, spam, or robot visitors, sending only legitimate viewers to your site. Without malicious bots visiting your site, your site is allowed to run much faster for the humans who stop by.

After optimizing, the mobile page score is now 71/100, and the desktop page score is 83/100. Both went up about 20 points!
How is your site speed? You can check it out on ThinkWithGoogle.com. If it’s Fair or Poor, contact us today. We’d love to to increase your site speed and user load times, giving you an all around faster website!