I will have to change the title later. Sitting Room/Nursry.

Current Picture
Before Picture

Sitting room with the wardrobe installed and the floors finished. 12/25/00

Showing the condition of the room before we purchased the house. Yes that is an exposed brick wall with a fireplace that had been closed up. 9/98

Looking at the same part of the ceiling shown to the right. 1/01

The same wall pictured above looking up to the ceiling showing the results of many years of water damage from the 3rd floor roof. We experienced this water leak first hand in February 1999, the weekend before the drywall was to be hung. All of a sudden we realized why certain areas of the house were rotten from water damage. The following Monday the roofer fixed the scupper that allowed water to drain off of the 3rd floor flat roof. 9/98



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