I will have to change the title later. Sitting Room/Nursry.

Sitting room with the wardrobe installed and the floors with finished. 11/25/00

Steve finally showed up on Friday 11/17/00 to install the wardrobe.

Click here to see a quick time video. This the sitting room, soon to be nursry
and the same room pictured below. 11/9/00

Looking from the master bedroom into the sitting room…we've got a little ways to go before this becomes the nursery! The wardrobe will sit on the far wall and will be a very sensitive addition to the house. It will incorporate the same trim details as seen on all the doors in the house, with a comparable stained finish. 8/00

New pictures showing wood that is finally being seen
after removing 7 layers of paint by Julie. 3/00

This one of the two rooms where the paint has to be removed.
It is also our work room for building a couple of cabinets. 3/00

1 of 2 rooms that need to be finished yet. 7/99

During demo. 10/98