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The Story Behind the 8

“What is the 8?”
This page helps explain why the 8 is used and how it has become our icon.

1998 – 2108 Lafayette Avenue

1998 – 2108 Lafayette Avenue

Wayne chose a name and starting doing business as Studio 2108, because he was running his freelance graphic design business from his home at 2108 Lafayette Avenue.    

2006 – 8 Years

8 years of home and office being one, Wayne ventured out to find an office space for his growing company – setting up an LLC and preparing to hire the first employee.

2008 – 1808 Chouteau Avenue

Studio 2108 found the perfect office at 1808 Chouteau Avenue – more about the history of the building. A few people asked, “Will you change the name of the company due to the address?”  –  No way! We love it! Not to mention, our search

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As you can see the 8 keeps showing up and we have decided to make it our icon. We have used the stylized outline 8 as our icon to create an easy and fun branding mark. We have it embroidered on hats, polos, and even a vinyl decal