Our Process


Our phone rings, we begin. We schedule a short call to go over the details: size, functionality, scope, SEO, messaging, etc. We set up a meeting and get to work developing a proposal presentation for you. One we clearly define our goals, agree on a price, and make any revisions necessary, the real work begins. 


The first step of creation is research. We look at competitors, try to get a better understanding of their audience, their goals, and look at their industry. Look at what they’ve already done – was successful? Why did it succeed or not? Get some outside opinions. Then we can discuss the creative messaging, look and feel, style, and basic visuals. This is the roadmap for the rest of the project.


The site starts development. We build and check functionality as we go. User experience is enhanced with content that hovers, slides, and is in general more athletic than we are in a typical day. The client has access to the dev site at this stage as testing different browsers and devices is paramount. We are setting internal deadlines and checkpoints for this stage. 


We’ve gone live, the disco ball has dropped, and now it’s time to update. We’ll teach you all about how to  update your website with new content so you can stay hip and with it and hassle-free as you educate your audience. 


Let’s stay friends. We’ll call you to check in, see how the site was received. We’ll also ask “Where are you going from here? What are your plans for the future? What are we going to do to help you reach those?”