custom designed race car driver poster Silver State Open Road CorvetteThe Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road is an exciting race in Nevada that allows exotic/fast car owners to drive their cars 100 mph plus without getting a speeding ticket. To the right is a custom designed Race Car Driver Poster that I created for my dad – Wayne C. White who owns and races a 2007 Z06 Corvette in the Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road. I photographed him in his Racing suit and all the images shown in the poster.

The second image (bottom) is another version I created with all the decals still on the car after the race.

Silver State Classic Challenge Open Road Custom Poster CorvetteDo you want a custom poster designed and created for you or your team? I can work with your photos if they are hi-res and good quality.

Both Wayne M. and Wayne C. plan on attending the 2012 BBORR race this April. Wayne will be there to create some custom designed posters for other racers while taking photos with a new 18 mega pixel camera so the posters can be printed as large as 11 x 17. Give Wayne M. White a call to see how he can help. 314-865-5088