Recently a website that we designed, developed, hosted and applied our organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to over the last year and half was taken over and redesigned by another company.

Below is how we increased the traffic organically with our SEO efforts.

8/2008 – 88 unique visitors – traffic before we started the SEO efforts in 9/2008

11/2008 – 470 unique visitors

9/2009 – 794 unique visitors

2/2010 – 941 unique visitors

As you can see we know how to increase the traffic with our organic SEO plan. The redesigned site (designed and developed by another company) went live on 3/9/2010 – the traffic has dropped to 92 visitors for the last two weeks. It is only getting about 20% of the traffic it previously had?

Why did this happen? Give us a call and we can answer any questions and help redesign your website with SEO in mind.