Studio 2108 LLC – a St Louis MO web site design company – launches a custom designed website developed in WordPress. We are proud to announce the launch of a new fully custom-developed WordPress website:

custom designed website developed in WordPress st louis mo - Across the Divide Susan S Elliott WebsiteThe website was created to promote the book “Across the Divide” by Susan S.  Elliott. It features excerpts from the book and information about the author. It also shows the author’s upcoming events and press about the book.

The design was created by Kiku Obata & Company and handed over to our Studio to develop with WordPress. Working closely together, we were able to make a site that looked identical to the comps and vision of the designers.

The client is able to easily make updates to the site in the Events and Press section, which are populated by WordPress posts. They can also edit the main text on each page. The site has a jQuery slideshow on the homepage with custom previous, next, and stop buttons. The red quote and three black quotes on the homepage also have a fun function: they change every time the browser gets refreshed. These were created with a custom PHP random generator script.

We are very pleased with the unique design and features of the site, and know that it will really help the promotion of the book!

Check out the finished website above!