Recently I saw first hand how a website that we designed and developed for a client without the proper meta tag research will keep a website from showing up in the Google search engine results. A client of mine could not afford our help with the search engine optimization and keyword and meta tag research, so this person added all of this to their website them self. Then I got the call asking: “Why is my website NOT showing up on the first page of google? & How do I create the proper meta tags?” I am asked those questions a lot and “We have several organic SEO solutions and packages for this.” – is the answer I usual reply with. A lot of people ask me if they can create and add the meta tags (title, description and keywords) to their website. I answer Yes – when we develop the website using WordPress there is total control of this. I always try to get them to use our expertise and research for this to get the maximum results.

We have awesome organic SEO search results for our website and we get our client’s websites found when a client uses our suggestions that we have researched and provided. Please call Wayne at 314.865.5088 or email to get more information about our SEO packages. After all what good is a website if no one can find it and if it does not show up in the first page of search results?