Great Unique Gift for Race Car Drivers

Great Unique Gift Personalized for Race Car DriversAre you looking for a great unique gift that is personalized a race car driver? Does your spouse, friend, better half race their super fast car (BMW, Audi, Cadillac CTS-V, Dodge Viper, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro, Porsche, Ferrari)? Graphic Designer/Photographer Wayne M. White can help you create a gift of a lifetime. Do you want a custom poster designed and created for you or someone? They make great gifts as the file I create can be printed as a 11 x 14 photo that fits a standard size frame! Give me a call. I can work with your photos if they are hi-res and good quality. I recently created a poster for myself with my Honda Accord. Yes, I know it is NOT a race car but it shows another version and the quality of photos that I take.

Great Unique Gift Personalized for Race Car DriversTo the right is a custom designed Race Car Driver Poster that I created for my Dad – Wayne C. White who owns and races his 2007 Silver Z06 Corvette in several Open Road Races in Texas and Nevada. I photographed him in is racing suit and all the images shown in the poster. The original idea came from creating this image for him for fathers day in 2007 after he drove up his new car from Texas. I surprised him with another version of this and he was blown away. Since he continues to show his friends this poster, I have decided to start offering this unique type of digital photo collage poster to all car owners – not just race car drivers. Other custom designs are available and can be created.

extra large custom designed race car driver vinyl bannerExtra large vinyl banners are also available with the custom design posters created. The image to the right is a 5′ x 4′ full color vinyl banner that was produced/printed from the same file. This will be hanging in Wayne C’s garage next to his corvette. An extra one was made for my 4 year old son Jakob to hang in his room as he loves his Grandpa and Corvettes.

Wayne M. White

Below is another version I just created making it like a screen printed poster.

Great Father's Day gift for Fast Car owner