The above plans show the only major changes we have done to the layout of the house.
Removing the wall had to be done in order to level the floors, that were over 4 inches out of level.


The new mantle is installed. Julie designed the mantle based off the original paneling as seen in the picture to the right. Bill Hays - St. Louis Sash built it for us. -W 6/04

This is the dining room that will become our new kitchen. September 1998

The Kitchen is 99% complete. Some finish work remains to be completed.6/01

The kitchen floor material: 20" tiles made by FORBO, Marmoleum - a commercial grade linoleum product available only to the trade.
Available in sheet and squares.Contact Julie for more information. 314-494-6185.

This is the dining room that will become our new kitchen. What you can not see is the condition of the floors (out of level, holes, damage etc.) and the trim damage, plaster problems. September 1998

The new mantle is installed. -W 6/04

The decorated fireplace mantel in the kitchen. 12/99

Kitchen cabinets installed and the opening to the family room is trimmed with
wood trim from the doors we removed from this room(dining room). 12/99

As you can tell by the photo, it was a very dark room. 9/98

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